How to check who’s connected with your WiFi and Block them

Is your internet browsing speed is getting slower day by day? Then might be someone who is connected with your WiFi without your knowledge. It might be a STEAL which is causing that slowing down your internet browsing speed. So in order to overcome and ensure this issue I am writing this tutorial for you […]

How to Secure WiFi Network in Windows 7 and 8

Many of us are always worried about anyone misusing our home WiFi Network, without our notice. This problem may come especially in the case of neighbors who may hear or just guess our WiFi passwords and use them with complete access. They use and you get the bill. Not at all fare enough. So, in […]

How to See Who is Connected to Your WiFi

Are you aware who is connected to your WiFi network? If not then you must have a look at the same. The WiFi routers are used vastly across the world for commercial or personal purposes and they are protected with passwords to restrict intervention of outsiders, still people gain access to it. In order to […]