How to Share Desktop Screen with Students/Friends using Skype

Do you want to share your desktop screen with your friends or students? Then Skype can help you in that. Yes, you read it right! Skype can really help you to share desktop screen of your computer with your friends or students. People, around the world, uses Skype for different personal and professional purposes. If […]

How to Apply Formulas in Microsoft Excel [Sum, Subtract, Divide and Multiply]

The Excel is mainly used for calculations and you need to master the Microsoft Excel in order to make some professional calculations. However, to make some simple calculations, e.g; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division can be easily done with it using some formulas. Additionally, today we are going to share a complete guide with you […]

How to Change Screenshot Format On your Mac OS X

The default screenshot format on Mac OS X is PNG format, and most of the users want to have it in other formats, say suppose; JPG, GIF. etc. So, many users convert the shots manually by using any image converter. So, that thing simply takes a lot of more time of users. Therefore, today we […]

How to Hide/Unhide Rows, Columns and Sheets in Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft Excel is the crucial software for official works. There are many tricks and methods which you can apply on excel. As we have already promised with you about sharing some awesome and classical tricks and method of utilizing Excel in order to make your work more convenient than ever before. Today we are […]

How to Disable Facebook Sounds On iOS Devices

The Facebook notification and message is sound is simply annoying and irritating. Many of the users don’t like this sound and want to get rid off. Therefore, today we are going to share a method with you guys which will be making you learn that, “How to Disable Facebook Sound on iOS Devices?” The steps […]

Increase IDM Download Speed using IDM Optimizer

The IDM is considered to be the best download managers which helps to download any type of file from internet at much faster rate. With the help of this tool, one can download range of files at accelerated rate. IDM is available for download free of cost and can be downloaded from any Internet website. […]