How to Tweak Notification Alerts on Facebook

Are you annoyed from different sort of notification alerts on your Facebook Account? Simply tweak them! It is really annoying to receive notifications of every message, comment, likes and other activities of others and users want to get rid off such annoyance. So today I am writing a tutorial which will help you to tweak […]

How to Limit audience for Past Posts you have shared on Facebook

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How to Turn Off Sound of Notifications and Messages on Facebook

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How to Change Facebook Design to Flat UI On your PC

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How to Make your Facebook Profile Picture a Video

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How to Dispute a Copyright Claim on YouTube

Have you received a copyright claim on your own created video? Don’t worry this happens sometime and we personally have faced such conditions many time. You don’t need to sit back and let YouTube delete your own created video, just because YouTube think that it does not belong to you. You can counter that copyright […]