How to Setup Parental Control on your Child’s Smartphone

Are you concerned about your child’s up-bringing? Do you want to restrict your child’s using of smartphones? Then Parental Control is the option! Parents usually remain worried about their children and specially when they give them a separate smartphones. We do say that technology is blessing for us, but on the other hand it can […]

Customize Android Home Button Shortcuts [Android tweak]

Are you bored of same Android home button shortcuts on your homescreen? Don’t get bored, change them! If you are not aware with the process of changing it then don’t worry ATT is there for you, like always. Today I am writing a tutorial to customize Android home button shortcuts. It usually happens with many […]

How to Turn Off Location Tracking on your Android Phone

Want to turn off location tracking on your Android phone? If you do, then today I am writing a guide which is going to make you learn that how to turn off location tracking on your Android phone. The location tracking keeps on suggesting you some happening places nearby to visit. And we don’t want […]

How to Charge your Android Phone faster [Charging Tricks]

Who don’t want to charge his/her phone faster? I am sure you also want to charge your smartphone faster which is yet only a dream for you. But, today I am going to share some of the happening tricks which are going to help you to charge your Android phone faster. As you all know […]

How to Recover Deleted Notifications on your Android Phone

Have you deleted some of the important notifications by mistakenly? Do you want to recover that lost or deleted notifications? Then here I am sharing a tutorial for you guys which will be making you learn to recover deleted notifications on your Android Phone. We sometimes don’t read the notifications on our phones, simply open […]

How to Make Free Prank Calls from Anyone’s Number

Making prank calls to someone could be a hobby or to have fun. There are different ways which one can make pranks with friends or near ones but there aren’t enough amusing ways to create a prank. One good way to prank someone is to call him/her by an unknown number and saying some funny […]