How to Make Free Prank Calls from Anyone’s Number

Making prank calls to someone could be a hobby or to have fun. There are different ways which one can make pranks with friends or near ones but there aren’t enough amusing ways to create a prank. One good way to prank someone is to call him/her by an unknown number and saying some funny […]

Prank Your Friends by Creating Nameless Folders in Windows

People are fond of playing pranks on their friends, doing something which can irritate their friends and make them feel surprised. Pranks can be in the form of jokes or tricks and these pranks can at times create big laughs but may also lead to huge fights. A way of playing pranks on your friends […]

Facebook Ghost Prank-Apply to Shock

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites as you all know. There are many awesome Facebook tricks which you could apply to amaze and shock your friends. Yes, you heard it right! you can shock your friend too by apply this Facebook Ghost Prank. We are sure that when you’ll apply this […]