How to take a Screenshot on your Apple TV

Previously TVs were only considered to watch motion pictures, but now you can do a lot more with your TVs, specially when it is Apple TV. Have you ever tried to snap your favorite scene or favorite celebrity? Apple TV can help you in that. It allows you to take a screenshot on your Apple […]

How to Mirror Mac’s Screen on your Apple TV

Want to see your Mac on big screen of your Apple TV? AirPlay mirroring feature of iOS devices can help you in that. The complete process is wireless, you will not require any cables to plug in in order to display your mac screen on your Apple TV. It is really awesome to access your […]

How to Add Custom Startup Sound on your Mac

Are you fed up with the same traditional Mac startup sound? Then this article could be a matter of interest for you guys. Since today I am writing article which will help you to add custom startup sound on your Mac. If you like any short music or tune then you can easily make that […]

How To Restore Zoom Control In Mac OS X

If you are using the new OS X Yosemite on your Mac then you will notice that Apple has changed the function of the green button which is on the left side of the window. Now, this changed green button allows you to maximize the opened window but it won’t work as a zooming button. […]

How To Find MAC Address Of A PC In Windows 8, 7, Vista And XP

MAC ( Media Access Control) address is a special type of address that identifies the number of network adaptors, which are connected to your PC. MAC address are assigned on the network adaptors by the manufacturers. The MAC address is different for Ethernet and Wireless Connection. MAC address is a set of 6 numbers and […]

How to Enable iTunes Match On Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Mac

The iTunes Match lets you play your purchased and stored music from iTunes altogether without selection issue. We have already shared a guide with you on iTunes Match in which you’ve been told to setup iTunes Match, but today you are going to learn that, “How to Enable iTunes Match on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 […]