How to check who’s connected with your WiFi and Block them

Is your internet browsing speed is getting slower day by day? Then might be someone who is connected with your WiFi without your knowledge. It might be a STEAL which is causing that slowing down your internet browsing speed. So in order to overcome and ensure this issue I am writing this tutorial for you […]

How to Unblock Facebook on School, College or Office PC

The most common issue of students and employees. And, that is the Facebook is blocked on their school, college or Office PC. I know it feels eww when you can’t access social media to connect with your friends and world. And your office, college or school environment restricts you from doing that. But, you don’t […]

How to Save Google Maps for Offline Use

Do you want to reach somewhere where internet is not available? Then saving Google Maps option is really an smarter choice. Since, you can save the map and then refer it to reach out your position even the internet is not available there. As many of you already know that Google Maps uses your internet […]

How To Disable Internet Connection Sharing On Your Windows PC

Are you sharing your internet connection with others and do you want to play videos online or want to download something but your internet connection speed is really slow because you are sharing your internet connection? Well, then don’t worry because there is a way to turn it off directly from your Windows PC. So, […]

How to Create YouTube Channel [Complete Guide]

The YouTube is one of the most prominent video streaming sites which has been loved by million of visitors. There are many visitors who want to create their own channel on YouTube for different purposes. Some want to create YouTube Channel for learning purposes, some want to create for fun purposes and some want to […]

How to See Who is Connected to Your WiFi

Are you aware who is connected to your WiFi network? If not then you must have a look at the same. The WiFi routers are used vastly across the world for commercial or personal purposes and they are protected with passwords to restrict intervention of outsiders, still people gain access to it. In order to […]