How To Disable Google Now On Your Android Device

Google Now is one of the most major feature of Android Marshmallow. Google Now is basically a virtual assistant that knows about your information. The app keeps track of all your interests, likes and dislikes and then it provides you with some useful information based on your interest. The app keeps an eye on you […]

How To Record Calls On Google Voice

Google Voice is another amazing service by Google Inc. that allows you to make calls to any one in the world. The best thing about Google Voice is that it offers very low rates to make international and domestic calls online. There are many times when you want to record a call on your Google […]

How To Use Skype In Your Google Chrome

As you all know that Skype is an application that allows you to do video and voice calling to your friends and relatives and it also allows you to send instant text and video messages and you can also use it make conference calls. Skype is the best way to stay connected with your relatives, […]

How to Submit Website to Google and Bing/Yahoo

If your blog or website has not been indexed by search engine then whats the use you are blogging for? Any blogger can get huge traffic by search only. But what if your site has not indexed in search engine? So as soon as you start your blog the first think to do is submit […]

How To Find Your Google Chrome Version

Google Chrome is one of the most famous and widely used internet browser. But nowadays Google Chrome is also available on the 64-bit version. So, if you want to know that which version of the browser you are using than continue reading. Mostly people doesn’t know about the difference between the 64-bit or the 32-bit […]

How To Delete Your Google Search History

As you know, almost every internet user uses Google search engine and also has a Google web account. So, pretty much everything you do on the internet is being recorded by Google and it might be dangerous for you in the future time. So, you might be thinking that how did they know that what […]