How to email large files on your iPhone and iPad

Do you want to email some large files to your friends or officials? Are they really important and you are not able to send them via mail? So Don’t worry Now! Since today I am writing a tutorial which will make you learn that how to email large files on your iPhone and iPad. There […]

How to Rename your Apple TV [Give it a new name!]

Are you looking to rename your Apple TV due to any reason? If you are then here I am writing a guide for you which will help you to rename your Apple TV and choose a name of your choice. There are not many people who want to change their Apple TV’s name more often. […]

How to Clear App Store Cache and Force Reload [Short Tip]

Is your app store not updating and not showing the latest apps from many days? Then it is surely a Cache problem and you are supposed to force reload your iOS device in order to update your App store and let app store show you all the recent apps and get rid of all the […]

How to Change DNS Server on your Apple TV [Improve Streaming]

Do you want to improve streaming rates on your Apple TV? Then DNS can help you in that. You might have changed Domain Name System (DNS) on your computers in order to improve the streaming rate. Now this can be done on your Apple TV as well. You guys also must not be aware with […]

How to Download tvOS 9.1 on your Apple TV

Are you also the one who is waiting for the tvOS 9.1 update? If yes, then your wait is over! tvOS 9.1 update for your Apple tv is out today! I know that there must be many newbies who are not aware with the process of download this new update for their Apple TV. Therefore, […]

How to Mirror Mac’s Screen on your Apple TV

Want to see your Mac on big screen of your Apple TV? AirPlay mirroring feature of iOS devices can help you in that. The complete process is wireless, you will not require any cables to plug in in order to display your mac screen on your Apple TV. It is really awesome to access your […]