How to Remove Number from TrueCaller Directory

The TrueCaller is a phone directory used globally and have caller id features in built within it. One of the best amazing features of the application is its call blocking facility which allows the user to get rid of unwanted calls. The application was founded in the year 2009 and since then its demand has been on all time high by the users. The application is available free of cost and can be used on different operating system like Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

remove number from TrueCaller, How to, TricksToday we are going to share a guide with you guys which will be making you learn that, “How to Remove Number from TrueCaller Directory?” You can actually remove your phone number from TrueCaller Directory. The steps for doing so are clearly elaborated.

Features of TrueCaller

There are various features in the application which makes every user keen to get it downloaded on their phones. Following are features of the application;

  • The application ensures to maintain privacy of its users.
  • It gives options to users to track unknown numbers which are not on their list.
  • Unwanted calls can be blocked on TrueCaller.
  • It also allows the user to unlist and remove their numbers from TrueCaller directory.
  • The services can also be accessed by users who don’t have smart phones by their side and can use websites for accessing TrueCaller. Simply log on to the official website of application, and enter mobile number to get information.
  • If any number says SPAM, then one may assume that the call is automated and can be ignored.
  • With this application anyone can find a person using his contact number that is his name and location. Earlier this seemed to be a difficult task but with the development of TrueCaller all of this has been made so simple.

Reasons of removing number from TrueCaller

There may be various reasons due to which users would not like to share their personal information on TrueCaller. Like what if they don’t want any one trace them on TrueCaller or would like to keep their information personal and just to themselves. TrueCaller has the ability to meet expectations of such users as well, as it allows the user to remove their numbers from the directory.

Unlist and remove number from TrueCaller

For users, who wish to remove their name from TrueCaller can follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Click on the link available on internet to unlist a mobile number from TrueCaller.
  • This will take the user to a unlist form wherein tab named Unlist Contact has to be pressed for moving on to the other step.
  • After that enter the contact number along with its country code, of the number you would like to remove from TrueCaller.
  • Once you have filled in the number, user will be asked to write the CAPTCHA code and can then press unlist button to finally remove the button from TrueCaller.
  • Wait till you receive confirmation from the TrueCaller stating that your contact details have been removed from the database within 24 hours.

After carrying out the steps mentioned above, one can be sure that his contact information has been removed, and for those who were searching for your contact on the application will end up finding nothing about you.


The users can thus make complete use of TrueCaller and make the most of it to gain access to information of callers on their phone and also to share their personal information with other users such that people around the world can recognise them. If you have any kind of question or queries left related to this issue then do let us know. We shall get back to your queries as soon as possible.

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