How to Disable Contact Suggestions on your iPhone

Technology is really a blessing for us but it become curse when it start overdoing stuffs for you which same in case of Contact Suggestions. What iPhone do is that, when you have mail address and Facebook profile of one person but not his phone number and when he send you a number, not probably […]

How To Use Podcast App On Apple TV

Ever wished to watch your favorite podcasts directly on your Apple TV? Well, if yes then you’re definitely at the right place because today in this article I will be showing you guys that how you can use Podcast app directly on your Apple TV. Viewing your favorite podcasts on your Apple TV directly wasn’t […]

Unbounce Vs GetResponse: a Comparative review

Unbounce Vs GetResponse: a comparative review No matter what the size of your business is, but if you have some online presence, a great landing page is one of the prerequisite for your success. Now, there are a number of software available in the market for this purpose, but the question is which one s […]

How to Subscribe to new Podcasts on Apple TV

Do you want to subscribe to new Podcasts on your Apple TV? Apple always highlights new and popular titles and different playlist based on different topics. Ones you found your favorite topic then you can subscribe to that and add it to your Playlist automatically. Then it will automatically sync the latest update from that […]

How to Install tvOS 9.2 Beta 1 on your Apple TV 4

Have you heard about releasing of tvOS 9.2 Beta 1? If you do then it is available for your Apple TV 4th generation and you must get it for your device in order to experience all the recent updates. The tvOS 9.2 Beta 1 has got too many interesting features including; revamped app switcher, addition […]

How to transfer iTunes Library to Android Smartphone

It might seem little odd to many of you, but now it is possible to transfer iTunes Library to Android Smartphone. You might be thinking that both operating systems are entirely different then how can you do it? So you don’t worry as I am sharing a guide with you which will help you to […]