How to Make Free Prank Calls from Anyone’s Number

Making prank calls to someone could be a hobby or to have fun. There are different ways which one can make pranks with friends or near ones but there aren’t enough amusing ways to create a prank. One good way to prank someone is to call him/her by an unknown number and saying some funny things and confuse the person. However, the idea of pranking this way is becoming very common and people are now searching for other ways to prank. Also it is easier to get detected and for making a prank you would need a fresh new number.

Free Prank Calls

Such pranks don’t last long, so here are some of the ways by which you can make free prank calls from any number to anyone. Yes this idea of pranking is not only new but also with this method you can make free prank calls from your friend’s number to their boyfriends or girlfriends. This fun way could be done with them by depending on your mind creativity and way to use this service.

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Learn-How to Make Free Prank calls from any Number to Anyone

You can easily imagine how much fun it would be when two people get connected on a call and converse anything. For smaller pranks and fun jokes, you can use this prank by following below steps.

Caution: However, it is important to note that this software is useful for fun and prank purpose and must not be used in any offensive way as it is possible to be tracked and could lead you in trouble.

  • You need to first download VOXOX application. Visit online website of VOXOX application and download the required software for this application. The best thing about this application is that it is available for all OS versions namely iOS, Android and Windows OS. Remember to download only the necessary software version for the OS because if you don’t use the correct OS version, you will not be able to use this application.
  • After this, you need to install VOXOX application by following simple instruction set. Also make sure that you add +91 in the caller ID section for the number otherwise you will not be able to use this number.
  • After installing the application, you need to sign up for this free account which can also reward you with a small credit of $1. While signing up, you need to enter your own name, mobile number and also your email ID to get started. You will be able to see a main dial pad.
  • Click on changing the caller ID by using the small dial pad and here you can even enter the mobile number of your friends which you wish to call. One can easily make changes in the Caller ID details by clicking the small type of icon at the bottom and choose MY CALLER ID. Once you choose the option, a dialog will be popped up where you can enter the caller ID to any person in the world.
  • Just remember to choose the correct country code while entering the called Id details. Now simply click on Ok and enter the mobile number which you wish to call.

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Make Prank Calls from iOS and Android

It is possible to make calls by using iOS and Android phones by using the same application called VOXOX and make prank calls. But one important thing to remember is that you will not be able to change the caller ID while on iOS operating system, this application works well. Simple go the Android Google play store or use Apple iTunes store to install the application from the app stores and login to your account.

After that you can enter the caller ID details and make sure that you enter the correct number country code in the number which you wish to use. This method of making prank calls is easy and simple. But make sure that you don’t misuse this application and trouble someone.


If you wish to make prank calls to any number from your iOS or Android Handset then VOXOX app is the best solution to it. Download this app, pay the nominal fee and enjoy free prank calls to any number. If you have found this guide interesting and helpful then do share it with your other mates and friends too. Your shares may interest any of your friend out there.


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