Top 5 Latest Tips to Speed Up Windows PC

You might be one of them who are facing the slower Windows PC performance and wanted to boot it up in order to experience the smooth operation. Windows PC usually faces different sort of problems and among those slower performance is one. I know that when our PC get stuck in the middle of some […]

How To Disable Internet Connection Sharing On Your Windows PC

Are you sharing your internet connection with others and do you want to play videos online or want to download something but your internet connection speed is really slow because you are sharing your internet connection? Well, then don’t worry because there is a way to turn it off directly from your Windows PC. So, […]

How to Disable Command Prompt On Windows PC

The Command Prompt is used by many of the programmers and users for various purposes and many users who want to stay this away from their Windows PC from the approach of others or don’t want this feature on their phone due to various reasons. Therefore, keeping the need of such users, we are going […]

How To Reset Or Change Admin Password Using CMD

Command Prompt is one of the best and simplest tool present in Windows. It allows you to do many amazing things like showing the complete information about your system and batch programming, which gives you the ability to create your own programs and this is the main reason that is why it is being used […]

How to Run Windows XP on Windows 7 using Virtual Machine

Due to end of support deadline for Windows XP, suddenly there is a spur in the market to update Windows to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. However, the concerns of end of support and software availability have caused issues for those who were comfortable working with much easier version of Windows called as Windows […]