How to Increase Internet Speed and Fix DNS Errors

“This webpage is not available” , This is the phrase that most of us hate to see while browsing , Thewebpage would’t  load and you will see a message from browser “DNS look up failed” if you are facing this problem more frequently , even if you have a decent net speed then there is […]

Download Wikipedia for Offline Reading with Free Tools

Do you want to read the articles on Wikipedia without Internet connection on your computer i.e offline reading then this post is for you, Here we have mentioned some best tools which can download the Wikipedia to your computer for offline reading. The articles on Wikipedia are written by so many Internet voluntaries for free […]

Top Companies Owned by Google Which Changed the Lifes of People

Google the tech giant had changed the lifestyle of the World. Internet without the term Google is so hard to imagine. Because Google is not just a search engine it is more than that. Google is treated as God by some people.And there are many People from all over the world who dream of getting […]

How to Find the Name of Unknown Mobile Number – TrueCaller

Did you ever receive blank or spam calls and sms from a very random number which you never know? Or a call from a number that is not stored in your contacts list and you wished there was a way to find out who is calling? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can find out […]

Free Mobile Internet powered by Google on Airtel

You know why Google is a top multinational company in world, the answer is Google tries to know what people want and their needs!. Google served needs of people in so many times and still serving. And Now Google had come up new service “Free Zone” to serve the basic need of today’s generation i.e. is […]

How to Open or Access Blocked Websites at Schools,College and Office Work

Nowadays many schools and colleges are Providing internet access in their campus, but with a restriction.They are Blocking many popular sites like Facebook, twitter, etc.So in this article I would like to discuss the Top 10 ways to access Blocked Websites. Also Check: Tips to Make PC Work Faster 1.Using IP address instead of Web Site […]