How To Improve Video Streaming Speed On Windows PC

Yesterday, I was watching a video clip on the internet and then I noticed that the video was buffering constantly after playing for few seconds. I thought that it might be due to my slow internet connection but when I check my connection speed then it was rather very good, good at least to play a video online. […]

How To Remote Shutdown A Computer On Your Network

Turning off a computer remotely is very much useful and helpful, especially when you have two or more computers at your home and you like to manage and control them remotely. Shutting down a remote computer also lets you impress your friends and colleagues with your computer skills or you can also try it as a […]

How To Delete Files Using CMD

Well, as you all know about command prompt and its functions. So, today I have an amazing trick that will let you delete your files using CMD. Well, that might sounds amazing and cool, especially when you want to impress someone with your computer skills. So, if you want to delete files using CMD but […]

How to Download Java Apps for Windows PC

The Java Apps were not so famous in this time, as compare to Android, iOS or Windows Apps. However, still they were and are loved by many of the users. Additionally, you all must be very much acquaint with the fact that these apps mostly support Symbian phones, and there must be many users who […]

How To Reset Or Change Admin Password Using CMD

Command Prompt is one of the best and simplest tool present in Windows. It allows you to do many amazing things like showing the complete information about your system and batch programming, which gives you the ability to create your own programs and this is the main reason that is why it is being used […]

How To Access iCloud Photos Using Your Windows PC

iCloud is basically a cloud storage service, which is offered by Apple. It allows you to store your photos, documents, videos, music and other files on the cloud drive and you can also download them on your iOS, Mac and Windows machines. You can also use iCloud to create a backup of your iOS devices. […]