Top 19 Websites for Watching Movies Online for Free

The thought of viewing movies is quite amazing especially when you can watch it on your computer system without the need of paying for it. Watching movies on internet may look illegal, but this is something which is widely available on internet for users and hence what is the harm of trying it for your entertainment.

Movies Online for Free

Hence to help viewers view their favourite movies online we have bought forward 19 websites where one can watch movie online.


This is one of the best websites which can be used for watching movies online for free. Not only this, server of the website is too fast and all the latest movies gets uploaded on the site in no time. Hence it is a perfect place to check out some of the best movies online.


This site has been developed lately and since its introduction in the market it has become the hot favourite of many users especially for the ones who like to watch movies or shows online. This site has some amazing features such as compatible with Apple, Android device; no registration required by the users and can be browsed easily by the users. Further to this the users are connected to fast hosting servers available over internet.


Another website which offers its customers free online movies streaming to its customers. The website has been designed simply and can be comfortably used by any kind of user. Moreover users can conveniently scroll up and down between different options and reach out to places perfect for them. The data on the site gets updated continuously which clearly means various new movies and shows are added on to the site regularly.

4- JustMoviez

It is an online portal which offers customers to watch movies and serials online without getting registered on the site. Users will have to make some clicks and within no time they will land up on the video which they would like to look. The videos available on the site are not disrupted with any advertisements.


One of the best sites for online streaming where users need not have to download the videos nor download any software for viewing them. The site maintains a huge database of movies and is quite simple to use. The site is worth trying once.


As the name suggests, users are allowed to watch movies online for free.  The layout of the site is basic, but it is quite useful for the users to check out videos of new movies.


The movies posted on the site works quite well; hence it is a good site for watching movies online.

8- IceFilmsTube

Have a look at the movies uploaded here, and hence you can have a HD video experience here. However before users can enjoy it, they have to download XVID add on to their browser.

9- TopMovie

The site maintains a good database of different motion pictures from all over the world. Information about the pictures is also provided which includes summary, critiques, remarks etc.


It is considered as the second best streaming link site and is present on web since 2006. It contains the data of different motion pictures, shows etc and also has the adult matter which users might be looking for. The users need not require any registration, study for using the website and all of this is available for free for the users.

11- TvMovieLinks

An excellent search engine allows users to find links of newly loaded pictures and movies on internet. Hence users need not have to surf around much for hunting sites for watching movies.

12- Los Movies

This is an online website which allows the users to watch movies online without getting membership on the site. This site can be accessed on computer system, iPhone or iPads as per the comfort of users.

13- Nyoo TV

This website is perfect for Bollywood fans, who love watching Hindi movies on internet. They have the newest movies, videos and serials on their website.

14- Hulu

This website is very famous for viewing movies and serials online. So users like to watch these videos can have a look on this site online.


A complete list of movies is provided to the users and one can view them according to their choice. You can pick up any movie, does not matters in what language it is so activate sub titles on the video and watch it conveniently online.

16- iMovieTube

This is one of the finest websites which can be accessed by users for watching videos online on web. Surfing this site shall give user an amazing HD experience of the videos.

17- FreeFullMovies

The site was developed in the year 2008 and since then it has been doing quite well for the users.  The developers of the site make sure to keep it updated with new set of movies online.

18- YouTube Movies

The website allows the user to watch outdated and recent movies on internet. The quality f the videos on internet are available for free, and such experience is worth going through for the users.

19- Crackle

All the videos on this site are available for free for the users, and they can have a look at it without the need of downloading any software. Crackle need not require users to enrol themselves, but enrolled users get the benefit of listing their favorite videos together.


So, these were some of the best websites to watch free movies online. You can find some of the oldest as well as latest movies on these websites and watch them for free by just signing up on these websites by filling a simple form. Furthermore, don’t forget to share this guide with your other friends and circle too.

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