Best Free Antivirus for Android Mobile Phone or Tablets

Android mobiles are trending today. World is running behind android and its versions. I am sure you also having one high end android mobile with you. So why this article?? After my previous post on Best free antivirus for windows 8 getting huge response I decided to write Best Free Antivirus for Android Devices. So here in this article I listed the best 5 antivirus for Android mobiles and tabs.

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1.AVG Anti-Virus App For Android:

When you download AVG Anti-virus and install on your mobile or tablet it shows screen alert like in below picture. By touching the screen you can perform the scan.
  • It is a free anti virus software, which helps you to protect your mobiles from virus, malware and spyware.
  • It provides some other features like ANTI THEFT ,SMS SCANNER,TASK KILLER etc.
  • It protects your mobile when you use internet on your mobile.
  • Download AVG anti-virus from ANDROID MARKET.

2.Look Out Mobile  Antivirus:

  • Look out anti virus for mobile is one of the best android anti virus softwares. It keeps yours tablets and phones safe and secure.
  • you can run the app any time and scan for virus.
  • It protects your mobile when you use internet.
  • It also provides some other features like back up,Anti theft this helps you when you loose your mobile,protection and many more.Only defect is it consumes more battery power.
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3.AVAST Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile Security provides complete Android antivirus protection, to keep you safe from malicious apps.
  • It has a Web shield that scans URLs for malware.
  • It provides many features like Block hackers,Browse without worry,Anti theft and many more.
  • Click here to download  AVAST Mobile Security

4.Dr. Web Antivirus Light:

The name it self says that it is specially designed for Android mobiles and Tablets.It protects your mobile from malware,virus and spyware.

  • The application does not affect the operating system performance,and does not reduce the battery life.
  • It keeps your mobile safe while browsing and also provides other features like call blocking,back up,Anti theft and many more.

5.Zoner anti virus:

Zoner Anti Virus Free is a powerful security solution for Android phones. The app provides protection against viruses, dialers, trojans,worms, spyware, adware and other malware, as well as protection against spam by blocking unwanted SMS/MMS.

  • You can test the antivirus using apps containing the EICAR test file: Zoner AntiVirus Testor EICAR Anti-virus Test or Antivirus TESTVIRUS
  • Click here to get Zonor Anti Virus 

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