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Facebook the worlds best social networking site no doubt it.We use facebook in daily life. we chat with our friends,share pictures,share videos and many more…to make facebooking more interesting  we can use many tricks in faebook.After my research i  listed the best facebook tricks below.go through the tricks once and use in your facebook.
Facebook tricks

Best Facebook Tricks

1.Trick to update blank status:

Now you can update your Facebook status as blank.first login to your Facebook account.

  • now enter @[3:3: ] in your status box if you want to update your blank status as long statement the paste the code again below the code just like below
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]
                                         @[3:3: ]

2.Remove Facebook adds:

Remove Facebook adds by using Facebook cleaner
In the above photo you can see an arrow indicating towards some Adds by using facebook cleaner you can remove Annoying Facebook Adds.

3.Send free SMS:

yes you are right now you can send SMS from Facebook.there is no country restriction.your mesage sending is instant and takes only few seconds to reach destination.
  • enter the details and your message
  • you can send only 4 SMS per day of each limted up to 100 letters

4.Download facebook photo Album in a single click:

now you can download  facebook photo album with a single click,all you need is to just go to app named
check the process:
  • Step1: As soon as go the above app you are asked to Login with facebook just like in above picture
  • Step2: Now choose your friend from whom you want to download photo album you can see an arrow 2 pointing in the above picture
  • Step3: Now choose the album what you want to download
  • Step4: Just click Download button and save photo album to your desired location.

5.Download Facebook videos:

6.Create a Video with your Facebook pictures:

now can create a video with your facebook pictures it is so easy you can go to and login with your facebook account.

7.Find who unfriend you on facebook:

8.Post your staus in all facebook groups at once:

  • it is easy to post your status on your wall.when comes you have to post status in all groups it takes much time and even it is hard using simple app it is easy you can post in all facebook groups at once
  • Go to Multi post application and login with Facebook.
  • you can also use another app click here

9.Cool Facebook Memes:

10.Update status in BLUE color:

11.Watch live streaming:

Now you can watch live TV on your Facebook.there is a application which allows us to watch lots of international channels with free of cost.As i am cricket addict i watch live cricket match on facebook with chating my friends


 12.Send Photos In chat box:

13.Facebook Pranks:

15. Disable SEEN Option in Facebook Chat

Also check: Free Faceboook For Mobile

16.Save your account from hacking: Tips

Protect your facebook by hacking.Here we explained you some tips and tricks so that you can save your account from hacking.

17.Cool Facebook Chat tricks:

18. Visible Online for Whom You want:

Now you can visible online for whom you want.By using this trick you can chat with only with the persons whom you want.
  • Just go to Advanced chat settings by clicking on Gear icon below chat bar.
  • Then a pop up arises  just like below screen capture
  • Now click Turn On chat for Some Friends
  • Now add your friends in the options
  • finally click save option.

So that’s all for this post.soon i am going to write about  best facebook tricks-part 2.stay connected with us. don’t forget to like us on Fcaebook.
if i missed any best facebook trick let me know in the comments that i will update them on my list.

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