How to Add Facial Recognition Login in Windows and Mac


Are you still using the traditional way of typing your password to login into your computer, Then you should read this post, Here in this post we will be showing you how you can enable facial recognition on your computer/laptop to login into your computer ,i.e your computer can detect who is it’s owner (it’s […]

How to Play, Run Android Games and Apps on PC with GenyMotion

Gney Motion Gif

Yes ! Now you can play android games on PC without bluestacks and Youwave. Awesome right? We found many people who dont have android mobile want to use favorite apps and games like Whatsapp, temple run on PC . But problem comes here is that blue stacks is available in free version but it slow […]

How to Remove Write Protection of Any flashdrive/Memory Cards

remove write protection from pendrive

Now a day’s PC usage is common and everyone uses memory cards, pen drives to transfer data from one computer to another computer. In the recent days flash drives usage is increased tremendously because it is easy to carry and at the same time you can take GB’s of data with these tiny devices. Coming […]

How to take Backup of Android Phone Contacts and SMS

backup of android smart phone

In our daily usage of mobile we may loose our Contacts or important SMS which is not really a good thing to be happen. So, we need to get back those lost details If you are using an Android Phone here we are delivering you the best methods to Backup your Android Phone Contacts and […]

How to Improve Your Internet Speed by Combining with Connectify Dispatch

increase internet speed

We all know the basic nature law that Breaking a single small stick is so easy, And Breaking a group of small sticks is really so hard. And we also know 10+20=30, Keeping these laws in mind the developers at Connectify had developed a awesome tool which lets you to combine all you internet connections […]

How to Sync Browser Data in Any Other Browser – Firefox to Chrome

sync browser data

We use daily Cloud Services like Drop box, Google Drive, One Drive and many other to sync our files, So that we can use the files on any device at any time. Without transferring manually data from one device to another. It is really cool thing which is saving lot of time and helping us […]

How to Download Google Play Store Apps on PC

download play store apps on pc

There is no need to give introduction about android operating system, which is widely used by most of the mobile users and it had huge global share on mobile market. The reason behind the popularity of android operating system is its large number of apps, games and it is a free operating system. Google own […]

Best High Speed Broadband Connection In India

high speed internet

Internet is being one of the most important parts of our lives. Almost every locality has an internet connection and who does not want a fast and speed internet connection? There are as many as thousands of broadband connections in India. Among them, here are the top three which are being used by maximum of […]

How to Access Multiple Cloud accounts with Single Account

access multple cloud accounts once

Today every cloud user is having at least more than two cloud storage accounts, Cloud Storage services had made the life easier to access the files from any where in the world. But this is for only those who use the single cloud storage account. People who use more than two cloud storage accounts are […]

How to Create and Customize a Blog

create and custmozie blog

Creating and customizing blogs has never been easier, even for every day people. If anyone wants to learn more about how this can work, they should plan to use a functional web builder to manage this process. Though blogs may still seem high tech to many people, there are actually a few simple tools people […]